“Specialist Cleaning Challenge; Surprising Things That Needs Cleaning?”

At Evolve Cleaning, we thrive on the more unusual and our expertise extends beyond the ordinary, delving into realms that others may find daunting or even say no to attempting. If you’re facing a cleaning conundrum, consider it solved with our specialist cleaning services. Here’s a glimpse into the extraordinary challenges we have embraced over the past few years:

Commercial Dining Barns and Kitchens:

  • Deep cleaning of commercial dining spaces, ensuring impeccable hygiene standards for the teams as they opened their new premises
  • Our team tackled the removal of all the protection from the new commercial kitchen appliances and units

Children’s Nurseries and Play Areas:

  • Using eco-friendly biocidal solutions (Log 6 rated – more info here), we create safe, hygienic environments for the little players.
  • Our thorough cleaning methods ensure germ-free play areas, promoting the well-being of children while giving parents peace of mind.
  • Our biocidal kills a wide range of germs that may be found in these play areas.

High Roof Residential Barns:

  • We’ve been tasked with removing smoke marks and damage from high roof residential barns as well as the huge build up of cobwebs – highlighted by smoke from the fireplace!
  • Restoring living areas to a peaceful spider free room has been a real highlight for the team – especially as none of like spiders!

Outdoor Garden Rooms:

  • Outdoor spaces are an extension of your home, and we clean garden rooms with the same dedication as indoor spaces.
  • We remove debris, mould, and grime, creating refreshing outdoor rooms for relaxation and we see more of these used as home offices.

Our specialist cleaning helps you!

Each of these unique challenges fuels our passion and gets the brain working. While others might shy away, we embrace the opportunity to make a difference. Evolve Cleaning goes beyond the norm, would cost too much (see our pricing guide here), transforming unconventional spaces into pristine, inviting environments. If you thought your cleaning needs were impossible, think again. Contact us today, and let’s turn your cleaning conundrum into a success story.

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