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Where it began

When we started Evolve Cleaning, although we had a general idea of what we wanted our business to become we jumped in without a clear road map! If you asked us then, about our future, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t reflect what we have achieved thus far!

However, one thing that has remained unwavering is the desire to have a minimal impact on the environment and ensure that the products we use and the choices we make, are aligned with our customers. We consider ourselves as eco-conscious because we understand that sometimes there are certain products or methods that we cannot avoid using in order to complete a particular cleaning need (click here for our services). We also drive diesel guzzling vehicles; this is pure practicality as we are not in a position to afford fully electric cars and actually have no way of charging them at our base. When these issues are resolved, this is a route we will of course explore in more details.


We were also keen to collaborate with other other local firms who share a similar ethos to ourselves. We were lucky to meet Alex and Emma from Elmkind who are based in Dawlish. Like us, they are a family run, local business and are “dedicated to providing honest, natural and beautiful cleaning products.” We love their products, with no single use plastics, refill options and sustainable aluminium bottles – the latter being particularly handy when lugged around a building site!


We often reflect on our past business plans and journey, learning we can improve and make small, strategic changes. It can sometimes be frustrating to realise that we are not where we feel we should be! However, this is common for smaller and growing businesses! What we do take comfort in, is the consistency of our core values of offering a high end cleaning service, providing excellent customer care and support, and all the while minimising our environmental impact.

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