Simple Pricing Guide – Best Info When Hiring a Cleaning Company

Pricing Guide – Factors When Hiring a Cleaning Company

As you consider hiring a cleaning company you will probably have many questions that will require answering before you go ahead and hire someone. In this pricing guide we have aimed to answer as many of these in our FAQs section but we know that one of the most important questions to you is how much will it cost?

Although each company will have its own pricing structure, we are here to help you understand why costs vary and what you need to consider when hiring a cleaning company.

Cleaning Categories

Cleaning work generally falls into two main categories:

  • Residential / Domestic – cleaning of a home and all that is associated with it; cleaning of bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, vacuuming and mopping of floors.
  • Commercial – cleaning of office, industrial or retail space; in this environment different techniques, materials and products may be used and even some heavier machinery for large areas.

Some companies will specialise in one or the other and some will carry out work in both areas. Before hiring a cleaning company ensure that they have the correct expertise for the job you want them to do

Types of Cleaning

There are several different types of cleans that you may require and that cleaning companies may offer:

  • Regular Cleans – cleans that are carried out at regular intervals to maintain a standard of cleanliness at your home
  • Deep Cleans – cleans that are carried out once or at wider intervals, perhaps six monthly. These maybe carried out prior to a regular clean, because you have a special event or if there have been a change of circumstances
  • End of Tenancy Cleans – typically carried out as a tenant or home owner leaves a property and is preparing for a return of a deposit or wants to ensure the new occupants have a clean home to move into
  • New House Cleans – you may have bought a new home and you are not happy with how it has been left. These cleans may occur before you move your furniture and belongings in
  • Specialists Cleans – often there is something specific that requires cleaning, a specific room, outbuilding, games room etc

Why do prices differ?

Cleaning your home is very different to cleaning your office!

Cleaning a small home is different to cleaning a big home!

Cleaning an empty house is different to cleaning a home that is lived in!

Cleaning regularly is different to a one off deep clean!

What affects the Price?

There are really two main factors that will determine the price: the size of the property and the time it will take to complete the job, and these are often interlinked.

Size – Its always about size!

This is a bedroom…

This is also a bedroom…

Both of these are bedrooms but it wouldn’t be fair to charge them at the same rate due to their difference in size and the time it would take to clean


Its not always about size! The time in which it will take to clean a room or space will also affect the final price.

The room below has many issues that need addressing and as such would take some time to clean

In contrast the room below starts from a different level and as such would take less time – although you never know what is lurking in the cupboards!

Finer details or added Extras

There may be some added extras which may increase the price, or they may be included, for example, washing up, making beds, stripping beds, putting clothes away, internal windows etc. Some companies will see these as part of a clean whereas others may see these as more of a housekeeping job and this is a very different job.

If you have requested a specialist clean there may be additional equipment or products that are needed, and these may increase the price.

Travel may also be added on, especially given the rising price of fuel.

It is always a good idea to ask for an itemized quote so you can see these options laid out clearly.

Total Price or Hourly Rate

Each of the factors above will contribute to the total cost of a clean and some companies will combine these into a total price and others will use an hourly rate, which ever method, it is important to remember the factors above that will contribute.

Hourly rates may vary greatly but reasonably should fall within the £14 – £22 / hour bracket.

Some companies will be VAT registered and this is again something to take in to consideration.

There will always be companies and examples that don’t follow these trends and when you come across them ask for an explanation of their costs but remember the above factors and there may be others too, so a straight up and total price without a visit to quote may not be possible.

Our pricing video can be found here

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