It’s never just a quickie! Remarkably Revealing!

We are often asked to do just a quick clean, “don’t worry it just needs a quick once over!” It is never a quickie, nor should ever be a quick once over! It usually comes down to people’s perception of what clean is, how involved the cleaning process can be and a concern that it may cost more if too much time is taken. Rest assured if your cleaners really did just give it a once over, you would complain the job hadn’t been done.

So, let’s look at each of the above in turn, starting with what clean is. Surfaces can look clean and indeed may be disinfected, but what about behind the kettle, the top of the drawer or down the cracks. These are all areas that may appear clean but ask a friend to make a cuppa and what might they find lurking behind the kettle and in the cutlery drawer?!

How hard can the cleaning be, a quick wipe over and its done?! This is true and cleaning in general is not quite rocket science but it does require thought and consideration. Imagine that your brand-new stainless-steel hob or shiny kitchen cupboards are cleaned with the wrong type of product and cloth, suddenly they’re not looking so clean and those scratches will never come out!

It will be cheaper if its quick! Well, this may be true, but you should be paying for the value your cleaning team offers. If they do a speedy, rushed job, the chances are you that job will need repeating at further expense and even at the expense of the company’s reputation, all because it turns out that it wasn’t actually just a quickie!

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