How Much Does It Actually Cost Me? Introducing Transparent Pricing!

As you consider hiring a cleaning company you will most likely have a myriad of questions, with one of the most crucial being, “How much does it cost?” We recognise the significance of this question and are here to shed light on the factors that influence pricing.

Understanding Cleaning Categories: Cleaning needs can be categorised into two main areas – Residential/Domestic and Commercial. Before choosing a cleaning company, it’s essential to ensure they specialise in the type of space you need cleaning, whether it’s your loved home or a bustling office.

Exploring Types of Cleans:

From regular maintenance to deep cleans, end-of-tenancy to new house cleans, and specialised cleans, each has its unique requirements. Here at Evolve Cleaning we tailor our services to match your needs, ensuring a customised approach that aligns with the specifics of your cleaning project and is transparent in answering, “how much does it cost?”

Why Do Prices Differ?

Cleaning isn’t a one-size-fits-all service and so answering your “how much does it cost” question needs some clarification. The size of your property, the time required, and the specific cleaning needs all contribute to the final cost. A bedroom may look like a bedroom, but the time and effort to clean each can vary significantly. We consider these nuances to provide a fair and accurate pricing structure.

Factors Influencing the Price:

Size: Whether it’s a cozy bedroom or a spacious living area, the size of the space plays a pivotal role in determining the cost.

Time: The complexity and challenges of a particular space impact the time needed for thorough cleaning, influencing the overall price.

Finer Details or Added Extras: Additional services such as washing up, making beds, or addressing specific requirements may be considered as added extras. For specialist cleans, unique equipment or products might be necessary, affecting the pricing.

Total Price or Hourly Rate: Understanding the pricing structure is crucial. Some companies provide a total price, while others adopt an hourly rate. It’s essential to be aware of the contributing factors and ask for an itemized quote for transparency.

Company or Solo Cleaner: with a host of options available, you will need to consider if it is a company you are hiring or a solo cleaner. A company is likely to have larger overheads, a bigger team and other expenses that will all add to the price. A solo cleaner may have more availability and could be quicker to fulfil your clean.

What to Expect in Terms of Rates

Hourly rates generally fall within the £14 – £22/hour bracket, but keep in mind that VAT registration and additional charges for travel may apply. Requesting an itemised quote allows you to see the breakdown of costs clearly.

In Conclusion

While we can provide you with a general outline, each cleaning company will have its unique approach. When faced with variations in pricing, don’t hesitate to ask for an explanation. Understanding the factors discussed here will empower you to make an informed decision about the best cleaning service for your needs. Stay tuned for more insights into the world of professional cleaning as we continue to answer your most pressing questions.

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