How important is a ladder? Does your cleaner have one?

Do you have a cleaner? What sort of cleaning do they do for you? I will assume they are not a giant? The average roof height in the UK is just under 8ft tall (2.4m) and the majority of kitchen units, sit just below this. So my question is this? How important is a ladder? If your cleaner doesn’t use a ladder or steps of some description, are they carrying out a thorough clean?

This is most relevant if your property is having a deep clean or an end of tenancy clean, where a cleaning team has a single opportunity to carry out a fantastic job and not miss any spot, high or low – and low is as easy to miss as high. A little easier to bend down to but you really do have to get low and look from all angles, another reason I assume there are not too many giant cleaners out there!

Typical spots that we know are easily missed are tops of kitchen cupboards, high windows, ledges that stick out and other unusual areas that may be taller than the average. If a customer is requesting a deep clean it is more often than not because they cannot reach these dizzying heights or that they are not the usual places that are cleaned on a regular basis. We can all manage the bathroom, toilet and kitchen surfaces pretty easily.

We see every property we clean before we send a quote to you, this is partly because your version of clean and mine is very different and your two bedroom house may be some what larger than my two bedroom house! But, when we see your property we know what to expect and what equipment we may need to bring. Not every clean is the same and as such we should always be prepared to have all the tools we need to hand.

That said, just in case we have missed something or you ask us for a little more, we always carry extra bits and pieces including low steps and a larger ladder to ensure we get to all those spots that you expect to be cleaned.

Are you asking the right questions? Price is usually the first question and rightly so but in our experience value is more important and are you getting the value for money that you expect and deserve? While a cleaner carrying a ladder with them may not be the be all and end all of value, it may well be an indication how they approach the job and ultimately the value that you will get from them!

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